At Mattos Filho, corporate social responsibility is understood to be a commitment to people, to society and to the environment. For this reason, we support projects that have a significant social impact on building a more equitable society with more opportunities and that are in line with the values that underpin our culture and strategic positioning. Our corporate social responsibility actions are divided into the following work fronts: pro bono advocacy, sponsored projects, voluntary projects, and commitment to the United Nations Global Compact.

Our most traditional social responsibility action, pro bono advocacy, can be defined as the provision of free legal services and assistance to those in need. Mattos Filho is a pioneer in this practice in Brazil, and in 2104 we celebrated 15 years of voluntary pro bono work. Our pro bono program has significantly impacted our partnering institutions, and is now part of the work routine of our attorneys. Since 2002, we have been partnering with the Pro Bono Institute (IPB), which matches reputable entities with registered law firms.

Although our pro bono hours are donated to our clients, the pro bono hours recorded by our professionals are considered billable hours which reinforces our commitment to the cause. In 2014, pro bono volunteers donated 3,800 hours of work and more than 70 institutions were benefited by this work. For the third time, Mattos Filho was recognized as Pro Bono Leading Light by the British magazine Latin Lawyer, and in 2014, it was one of the Brazilian highlights in the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s survey Trust Law Index of Pro Bono, the first index of its kind.

Mattos Filho is responsible for fostering an array of social and cultural initiatives. Some of these actions derive from direct financial incentives from the firm, which allocates to social projects part of the taxes payable to the government, including, income tax, PIS, COFINS and social security, as permitted by law. These initiatives are enabled by Brazilian laws to create incentives for culture (Rouanet Law), sports (LIE), as well as the Municipal Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (Fumcad) and the Municipal Fund for the Elderly (FMI), among others. In 2014, Mattos Filho paid nearly R$92.5 million in taxes, and R$1.5 million was allocated to sponsored projects.

As a staunch cultural supporter, in April of last year, Mattos Filho welcomed clients and guests for a special cocktail and exclusive visit to an exhibition dedicated to the British pop star David Bowie held at São Paulo’s Museum of Image and Sound and organized by the victoria and Albert Museum in London. Another sponsored project undertaken by Mattos Filho in 2014 was a special screening of the Brazilian documentary Sem Pena, winner of the jury prize at the Brasilia Film Festival. Using the right of defense as a backdrop, the film discusses conflicts arising from criminal proceedings, within the families and social life of people charged with crimes.

Among other culture-related initiatives backed by the Rouanet Law, the firm is a partner of two key cultural projects in Brazil, “Frontiers of Thought” and Doutores da Alegria (“Doctors of Joy”). Through the Sports Incentive law firm supports the Swimming with Daniel Dias project through the Sports association for the Disabled (ADD). Daniel, a brazilian Paralympic swimmer and world record holder, is a big hope for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. In 2014, other major Brazilian charities began to receive support from Mattos Filho. Among them is Support Group for Adolescents and Children with Cancer (Graacc), Pequeno Príncipe Hospital and Cancer Hospital, both in the city of Barretos, in the state of São Paulo. The latter was benefited through the Elderly Fund (“Fundo do idoso”).

Furthermore, Mattos Filho Outreach Program, a volunteer program dedicated to social and envirolmental responsability issues, is formed by our attorneys and administrative staff. The program provides support to the São José Social Center (CSSJ) for underprivileged children. Located in the south of São Paulo city, the center offers a host of lectures to parents and guardians to promote citizenship and access to fundamental rights. In addition, several festive events were held for 380 children helped by the center on special occasions throughout the year such as Easter, Children’s Day and Christmas. In Brasilia, the firm supports a pro bono charity, Casa do Candango - Lar São Jose, which provides shelter and medical care for approximately 50 elderly people.

Also part of the Outreach Program’s annual schedule is volunteer Week, now in its fourth year. During this week, lectures on topics such as, pro bono advocacy were broadcasted via videoconferencing to the Rio de Janeiro and Brasília offices. It also included a special preview screening of the documentary Sem Pena. For the screening, we hosted guests from the Defense Institute of Defense Law (IDDD), one of our pro bono clients. Also for volunteer Week, Mattos Filho reissued its brochure on conscious voting and distributed it to the São José Social Center and to the Maria José State School, also in São Paulo. During the 2014 Environmental Week, Mattos Filho organized lectures on sustainability and provided a tour of the Bela vista district in São Paulo where its main office is located.

On another corporate social responsibility initiative, Mattos Filho was one of the first Brazilian law firms to become a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact in 2008. By joining the program, the firm demonstrated its commitment to human and labor rights, environmental protection and combating corruption. Along with other large organizations, the firm is a member of the Human Rights and Global Compact Companies working groups and participates in discussions related to human rights.


Our social media networks

Mattos Filho anticipated the demand for interactivity and was a pioneer in using social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In late 2014, the firm had 11,411 followers on LinkedIn, 3,430 on Facebook and 797 on Twitter. Our online presence on major social media networks reflects our initiative of constantly and creatively reinventing ourselves.

Below are some of our online posts:

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    10,000+ people reached in total