Litigation and Arbitration

In recent years, the firm’s strategic planning has included investment in the Litigation and Arbitration practice and the return on this investment has been quick to appear. In 2014, this practice consistently expanded and diversified its activities.

Among last year’s litigation highlights was the firm’s involvement in leading cases before the higher courts in Brazil. Mattos Filho’s attorneys argued
a case before the Superior Court of Justice that contested whether a database of consumer credit scores was valid under Brazilian law.

The firm also counseled the power company for the state of São Paulo, CESP, on what became a landmark decision in a claim involving CESP’s right to compensation in the amount of R$6.7 billion resulting from the Brazilian Government’s unprecedented refusal to indemnify a public utility concessionaire, as required by law, upon the completion of a concession agreement.

Our arbitration capacity also expanded in 2014. The highlights of this practice last year included arbitrations involving the construction industry, particularly cases related to major infrastructure projects in Brazil and disputes related to mergers and acquisitions; arbitration is becoming the dispute resolution mechanism of choice for M&A transactions.