Digital Law

One of Mattos Filho’s booming areas, the Digital Law practice, offers multidisciplinary legal support in information technology (I.T.), telecommunications and intellectual property. Among its main clients are Google, Netflix, LinkedIn and Sony.

In 2014, the approval of the Brazilian Internet Law (“Marco Civil da Internet”) led to an increase in the demand for this practice since all companies who interact with users and consumers in the digital world had to review their personal data processing policies. In addition, this law introduced significant changes in the issue of civil liability for internet service providers.

Furthermore, Mattos Filho has been actively participating in discussions concerning the Brazilian Internet Law, particularly on issues related to net neutrality. The issue of data privacy is gaining force with several bills awaiting approval in the Brazilian Congress including the personal data protection draft bill introduced by the Ministry of Justice.

A significant increase in computer hacking has also brought a new level of responsibility for managers of private and publicly held companies in Brazil. In this respect, the firm can offer a team of qualified professionals who are well-equipped to deal with emergencies in the event of data leakage to either prevent or mitigate the impacts of such events.

Another highlight in the Digital Law practice involves the Partnership for Productive Development regulations, a Brazilian government program that encourages the transfer of technology in respect of pharmaceutical drugs and strategic medical equipment to Brazil’s publicly funded health care system (SUS). Mattos Filho has provided legal assistance to clients in the formation of partnerships between the public and private sectors within this context.