Global Perspective

Another focal point of Mattos Filho’s business activities during 2014 has been its internationalization activities. There is growing consensus among partners that going global is an increasingly important goal in the firm’s strategic planning. Mattos Filho’s professionals are ready to meet the legal needs of both foreign clients in Brazil and Brazilian companies doing business abroad.

Last year, a new business plan was prepared to facilitate the firm’s internationalization efforts and increase its presence abroad. This plan included a more detailed schedule of our partners’ international trips to maximize the result of such initiatives.

Our partners’ relationship building initiatives included traveling to the United States, where it has an office located in New York, and to strategic markets in emerging regions of the world. Throughout 2014, our partners traveled to a wide range of countries: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Switzerland, Thailand, and Uruguay.


It should be noted that in the past these international missions were restricted to business relations and exchange of information with other law firms. Today, they also include direct contact with current and prospective clients, visits to organizations, such as business associations, chambers of commerce, banks and investment funds, as well as participation in legal events of various kinds. Mattos Filho’s attorneys maintain a close relationship with the International Bar Association (IBA).

As a further step in its quest to expand its international reach, Mattos Filho had 27 attorneys living abroad last year; 12 of our attorneys pursued an LL.M. degree and also worked abroad; 8 of them exclusively pursued an LL.M. degree, while 7 of them focused on working abroad.