Labor and Employment - Executive Compensation

Labor and employment related services play a special role at Mattos Filho. With a focus on the restructuring of corporate labor and on alternatives for executive compensation, the Labor and Employment practice seamlessly integrates labor rules with the needs of its clients.

This practice has a multidisciplinary consulting team which is constantly interacting with other practices of the firm. This enables the development and production of tailor-made solutions for clients seeking to eliminate or mitigate labor related risks.

The practice also works as a support platform for other Mattos Filho practice areas and performs due diligence on a wide range of transactions undertaken by the Corporate practice. Moreover, the Labor and Employment practice has been distinguished for its administrative and judicial litigation services and is always at the forefront of significant cases, such as class actions and public civil actions. It always seeks to harmonize the effects of such actions within the business realm with a keen strategic sense.

The scope of the Labor and Employment practice also involves union related issues and its professionals participate in bargaining negotiations with various union groups and in collective industrial actions. With regards to the development and implementation of variable compensation programs, the practice seeks to enhance its clients’ business operations by stimulating and engaging employees in the workplace.